The Birds we have found at Ross River Resort


Ross River Resort – Bird List                                         Updated Sept 2016

Nankeen Kestrel                                                                 Blackshouldered kites

Peaceful Dove                                                                    Whistling kites

Crested Pigeon                                                                   Southern boobook

Sulphur crested cockatoo                                                   Red tail black cockatoo

Galah                                                                                  Curlew

Port Lincoln ( Ringneck) parrot

Rainbow bee eater

White winged fair wren

Variegated fairy wren

Striated pardalote

Yellow rumped thornbill

Inland thornbill

Southern whiteface

Spiny cheeked honeyeater

Yellow throated miner

Singing honeyeater

Crimson chat

Mistletoe bird

Orange chat

Red capped robin

Hooded robin

Grey crowned babbler

Grey shrike thrush

Crested bellbird

Magpie lark

Willie wagtail

Thite winged triller

Black faced cuckoo shrike

Black faced woodswallow

Grey butcherbird

Pied butcherbird

Australian magpie

Torresian crow

White backed swallow

Australian pipit

Collared sparrowhawk

Tree martin

Rufous whistler

Zebra finch

Spinifex bird

Spinifex pigeon

Wedgetailed eagle